Monday, 11 April 2011

How did this all start?

Just where does one get the idea of climbing Mt.Denali (McKinley) in order to raise money for student activities?  Earlier this winter, Hamtramck High School business teacher heard an interview on the radio that turned his own personal goals into this shared goal he has for the district.

He heard an interview with Dr. Russ Chavey, who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in December, 2010.  Dr. Chavey had decided to support technology purchases in the Grosse Pointe school district. While listening to the interview, Rostek thought to himself, "I can do that."  In August, 2010, Rostek had already scaled Kilimajaro and was turning his sights to his next accomplishment.  He says, "My goal is to climb the seven summits."  He goes on to add, "I like to think there are eight summits, the eight being our personal achievements. I would love to help our students reach their own personal summit."

In order to do that, Rostek has recruited students to help run the Climbing for Success campaign.  The logo on this blog is student designed.  One student is keeping track of the books, while others are presenting the campaign to other schools in the area.  At all levels, Rostek's climb has become its own student activity, allowing students to put into practice skills they've learned in marketing class, accounting class, or as student council members.  Many of these students will graduate in June and will not personally benefit from any of the funds.  Already, these students are climbing towards their own personal summits.

How can you help?  Well, the goal is $1/per foot on Denali, so we are looking to raise $20,320.  Please write a tax-deductable check to

Piast Institute
Climbing for Success
Hamtramck Public Schools
3201 Roosevelt
Hamtramck, MI 48212

I promise that we are working on a PayPal account.

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  1. What an exciting adventure, and how wonderful that you'll have the whole school community and more following and supporting you. Having done fundraisers by running marathons and climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, I know the commitment it takes to do something like this. But I also know how much more special it is when you have a whole bunch of people back home cheering you on, and we will be! I found writing blog entries while climbing to be one of the highlights of the adventure. I feel very honored that my climb in some way inspired your effort and I wish you much success in your fundraising. I contributed as soon as I found out about this site. Train well, stay strong and be safe. Can't wait to go along with you! Russell Chavey