Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Meet the team - Simone!

So, just who are these high school students working on the Climbing for Success campaign?  Well, how about if they tell you who they are.  First up is Simone, the sophomore presenter from Maria's Comida:

I decided to work on this project because anything to further extracurricular involvements in our school would be great. Having the ability to be in something great that shows student empowerment is what I go for. Whatever opportunity there is out there, I grab it. Mr. Rostek asked me to work on this project along side with other students and I thought it was a brilliant idea.  Coming from a student prospective, he's a teacher who is a determined and kind human being.

Currently, I am involved in Student Council, and will soon to be a Creative Inklings junior counselor once again. Creative Inklings is a summer creative writing camp for elementary students.  In the past, I have been involved in a lot of extracurricular activities, but these are the activities I am active in now.

I think for a student, it is important to have experience in anything you do. If you want a little more knowledge outside the classroom, join a club. In my culture, we are very traditional and less lenient than others. For me, extracurricular activities show what a determined student I am, and what I am capable of in terms of being a Muslim girl. In the activities that I have participated in, I was not only able to gain experience, but I fed off other people and learned a few things.  I realized that you can achieve academically, but what is the point of being an Honor student if you can’t put it to the test? It has been an extreme challenge, but overall it is worth it. You are learning skills that you do not learn in a classroom and skills that you can take with you wherever you go.

I am Simone, a determined student working on the Marketing aspects of this campaign. 

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