Saturday, 25 June 2011


Two days ago, the team reached the 17,400 feet mark. They dropped off half the equipment and laid 6 lines, with the intention of going back up.  However, Mother Nature had a different idea.  The team has experienced extreme white-out conditions for the past 48 hours.  The National Park Service ranger (there is one stationed at each designated camp site) informed that team that the white out conditions would continue for at least three more days.  The team needs to be off the mountain by June 30.  Thus, the team decided to abort the climb.

Our phone call was cut off three times, so I'm not really sure how long the descent will take.  As soon as I know, you will, too.

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  1. There are many things that challenge one in trying to climb a mountain, especially above 18,000 feet. Weather is one of those challenges and there is no way to "prepare" for it, control it or avoid it. John, you must be very disappointed in not making it to the summit, but you must not be disappointed in the effort you made. We are all very proud of you and many students will benefit from the fundraising you and the students accomplished. Safe travels home.