Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A Message from Mr Rostek

First of all, I want to thank everyone for joining us on this journey and helping us reach our campaign summit.  It is truly inspiring the way so many people came together; students, employees, neighbors, and total strangers.  I think this proves how important teamwork and cooperation are.  If I could ask everyone to remember one thing, it would be this:  we can accomplish far more together than we can isolated and alone.

On that note, I'd like to thank some specific people.  First, some students.  These students all gave some of their own free time to help us reach our goal: 

Sami A.
Simone A.
Mugbil B.

Salma B
Sharmin B.
Shahera B.
Tiani H.
Amelia J.
Amedina K.
Nisada M.
Iqra N.
Jenny O.
Karolina R.
Rabea R.
Anna S.
Emad S.
Marta S.
Bart W.

Many thanks to Toni Coral for her coordination of our on-line profile.

Finally, there were two women without whom, this campaign would not have existed:  Cat Ruffner and Lisa Vreede.  These ladies  (a board member and vice-president respectively of the Grosse Pointe Foundation Public Education ) helped us create the account with Piast Institute, helped secure the Yellowbrick gps device, and offered tremendous enthusiasm and support.

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